Election Process

  1. Only paid and active members can take part in Nomination.
  2. Tenant or Relatives Members don’t have voting rights but if authorized in writing ONLY by the respective Flat Owners members the temporary members (tenants) can cast their vote but, they should have cleared all the dues.
  3. All non-residing Permanent members also can come in person & cast their vote.
  4.  From One Flat Only One Person can Cast the Vote.
  5. Only Flat Owners can Cast the Vote.
  6. The voting is secret by nature / or by raising hand.
  7. TWO Proposed Person is required to fill up the Nomination Form and Proposed person too should be an active Members and Flat Owner and their dues should be cleared.
  8. An Proposer shall be entitled to propose only one Nomination Paper. In case if proposer nominate more than one candidate, in that case both the nominations would be invalid/rejected.
  9. No Proposer shall propose a nomination paper for any candidate where he/she themselves a candidate.
  10. If any nomination Paper of a candidate is found without the signature of the candidate/proposer, the Election Officer should reject the nomination as it is a defect of substantial nature. Signature cannot be affixed subsequently.
  11. If any candidate want to fill up the Nomination he/she have to be present and sign the form, other person can’t sign their form. It is Illegal and can be rejected.
  12. All Flat Owners members can cast their vote duly displaying the ID Proof and Residence proof issued by Government Authority.
  13. All Selected contestant should be given the certificate of election by the CEO.
  14. NOC has to be obtained from General Secretary, Treasurer for NO Dues to fill up the Nomination Form by the Flat Owners.

Once Chief Election Officer is appointed, his/her decision will be consider as Final.