Election & Process


a) The Office Bearers of governing body of the society shall be elected for a term of 03 years in general body meeting.

b) The secret ballot system/ or raising hands shall be the mode of election.

c) The newly elected governing body list should be attested by three outgoing office bearers and it will be filed with registrar of the societies, Delhi.

d) All Executive Members will be elected by the New Office Bearers.

e) All the candidate who wish to fight for Election has to fill up Nomination Form (Annexure-C).


a) The election for the new Office Bearers/Executive Committee must be held at the end of its normal tenure of Three years or earlier as envisaged under Point No. 5 of MOA. In extremely unavoidable circumstance beyond human control if the postponement of election becomes unavoidable it shall be got approved by the General Body.

b) The Office Bearers/Executive Committee in office shall issue a Circular notifying preparation of Voter List for ensuing Association’s Election – giving opportunity to members to clear their dues, prior to finalisation of Voter List. A minimum of seven (7) days clear notice (from the cutoff date for finalisation of Draft Voter List) shall be given in such Circular.

c) The Office Bearers/Executive Committee shall prepare the Draft Voter List as per names in Membership Register with no dues as per rule, and shall issue a Circular notifying Draft Voter List – giving opportunity to members to check their names, get the corrections, if any. A minimum of seven (7) days clear notice (from the cutoff date for finalisation of Final Voter List) shall be given in such Circular.

d) The Office Bearers/Executive Committee in office shall issue a Circular – notifying Final Voter List, tentative dates of elections and the name of appointed Election Commissioner. The Election Commissioner, thereafter issues a circular giving dates for filing of nomination paper, withdrawal of nomination, holding election (on any Sunday) and announcement of new elected body.A minimum of Thirty (30) days (before the date of election) clear notice shall be given for such Circular by the Election Commissioner.

e) The new Office Bearers/Executive Committee as elected takes office on the day succeeding the day on which the election results are announced. The outgoing Office Bearers must hand over the charge of the Association to newly elected Members of the respective posts immediately after the declaration of the new elected office bearers, but not later than 15 days.


a) When the Elections are due, the Governing Body / or General Body shall appoint one of the Members of the Association (other than the Members of the Governing Body/Executive Committee) to act as Election Commissioner / Returning Officer for conducting free and fair elections as per election Code of Conduct given hereunder.

b) The Election Commissioner, nominated by the Governing Body, shall be a person of repute, impartial, and conversant with the General Rules for conducting such elections.

c) The Election Commissioner shall issue the Election Notification giving details of dates and time of election activities and shall frame “Model Election Code” for free and fair elections. He shall have full powers to postpone and / or cancel Election (partly or fully) Navdeep Residential Welfare Association, Pocket-9, Nasirpur, Sector-1A, Dwarka, New Delhi-110045 if in his opinion any candidate or his supporters are indulging in activities, like personal attacks on fellow contestant character assassination, or if there are chances of breach of peace and conducting of election has become difficult.

d) The decision of Election Commissioner shall be final in all matters of Election and related activities.


The Election Commissioner shall ensure that:

a) The final list of eligible voters is displayed on the Notice Board of the Association on or before the date of issuing Notification.

b) Notification for holding election is issued and filing of nominations, in the prescribed Nomination Form is received within the specified time frame schedules.

c) Filled in Nomination Forms (as per Annexure-B) are collected directly by Election Commissioner or his/ her authorized representative, and issues the acknowledgement.

d) Nomination papers are scrutinized as per Rules and the list of eligible candidates is displayed on the Notice Board of the Association at least seven (7) days before the date of election.

e) The counters of the Candidates and canvassing by the Agents / Candidates are not allowed nearer than 25 meters from the Polling Station. The Agents of the Candidates sitting inside the Polling Booth do not canvas or pressurize any voter in favour of a particular candidate.

f) The Election results are compiled, finalized and declared the same day and thereafter displayed on the Notice Board of the Association

g) The Election Commissioner /Governing Body may make appropriate Police arrangement near Polling Booth if necessary to ensure peaceful Polling.

h) The validity or otherwise of any objection or challenge to the election process shall be examined by the Election Commissioner, after careful scrutiny of all evidence and documents including if necessary the ballot papers.

i) The verdict given by the Election Commissioner shall be binding on all concerned and shall not be liable to any challenge in what so ever manner thereafter.

j) The ballot papers shall be preserved for three months (or the date till when any dispute raised has been resolved, whichever is later) in a sealed cover in the Association Office after which these may be destroyed with the approval of the Governing Body.

k) The Election Commissioner shall be fully eligible to use the Office of Association and take assistance of/give directions to the staff members of the Association including the members of the existing Executive Committee for conducting the Elections in free and fair manner. The Election Commissioner may also take assistance of any member of the Association who is not the member of the Existing Governing Body and is not contesting election for any post or may take outside help, if so needed to carry out the Elections.


The Election Commissioner shall issue a Notification declaring the Election results and submit the list of elected “Office Bearer” of the new Office Bearer to the President of the outgoing Executive Committee and shall also display the result on the notice board of the Association Office.

Election Process:

  1. Only paid and active members can take part in Nomination.
  2. Tenant or Relatives Members don’t have voting rights but if authorized in writing ONLY by the respective Flat Owners members the temporary members (tenants) can cast their vote but, they should have cleared all the dues.
  3. All non-residing Permanent members also can come in person & cast their vote.
  4. From One Flat Only One Person can Cast the Vote.
  5. Only Flat Owners can Cast the Vote.
  6. The voting is secret by nature / or by raising hand.
  7. TWO Proposed Person is required to fill up the Nomination Form and Proposed person too should be an active Paid Members & Flat Owner and their dues should be cleared.
  8. A Proposer shall be entitled to propose only one Nomination Paper. In case if proposer nominate more than one candidate, in that case both the nominations would be invalid/rejected.
  9. No Proposer shall propose a nomination paper for any candidate where he/she themselves a candidate.
  10. If any nomination Paper of a candidate is found without the signature of the candidate/proposer, the Election Officer should reject the nomination as it is a defect of substantial nature. Signature cannot be affixed subsequently.
  11. If any candidate wants to fill up the Nomination he/she have to be present and sign the form, other person can’t sign their form. It is Illegal and can be rejected.
  12. All Flat Owners members can cast their vote duly displaying the ID Proof and Residence proof issued by Government Authority.
  13. All Selected contestant should be given the certificate of election by the CEO.
  14. NOC has to be obtained from General Secretary, Treasurer for NO Dues to fill up the Nomination Form by the Flat Owners.

Once Chief Election Officer is appointed, his/her decision will be consider as Final.