Dear Residents,


It is observed as under:-


That, some of the Residents and their Children found creating Public Nuisance inside the society and found they were drunk.


That, some of the Children below 21 years are found consuming tobacco and cigarette in the society and spoiling the society environment and atmosphere and passing wrong message to other children.


This is noticed that some notorious people or group of people are damaging and making scratches on the vehicles in the society and stealing petrol from the vehicles or maybe other items too.


Drunkenness, using tobacco product, riotous, or disorderly behavior in the society is a punishable act u/s 133 for creating public nuisance.


This is humble request to all the residents to keep their eye and ear open towards such nuisance creators and call Police and Association immediately to take action against such people.


Thanking You.                                               –NRWA Office Bearers