Dear Residents,

There are two ways to lead a life,

  1. Do nothing and suffer the consequences
  2. Take the responsibility to change it

This is in reference to meeting held by both Returning officers where they introduced to us to the public and declared as New Office Bearers on 16th Oct 2016.


We would like to highlight our Agenda in short and we will make an effort of following works:-


  1. Sufficient water supply throughout the year, especially for the people who all having complaint of not getting sufficient water and speaking with DJB for connecting pipeline directly to supplied pipeline.
  2. Completion of Carpet and Repair of Road at LIG and Janta Side within 3 months.
  3. Installation of New Street Poles in all the pocket-9 within 3 months.
  4. Arrangement of funds for installing CCTV
  5. Developing the software, sites or any other arrangement through which we all the residential are connected with each other online where we can see the Mobile No, flat owner/rental name, vehicle detail, payment detail, outstanding bills, vendor’s details, etc.
  6. Activating online payment option through which you can pay the outstanding, get the receipt, automatic balance sheet, profit loss accounts, circulars, etc.
  7. Intercom facilityfor all flats from to strengthen our security system but only to active members.
  8. Try to get all the benefits of Bhagidari/MohlaShabha/ PPPscheme for the society.
  9. Improves garbage disposal systemwith the help of MCD and through other agencies.
  10. Will try to provide facility of movable van of Kendriya Bhandar on weekly basis or any other arrangement.
  11. Police verificationfor all service providers to avoid any security lapse.
  12. Total transparency of accounts.
  13. Renovation and Improvement of Guard Room and office setup for CCTV, EPBAX and RWA Office.
  14. Providing Water Tanky and Toilet Facility to Guard Room and for the Visitors near Guard Room.
  15. Improvement and beautification of LIG and Central Park.
  16. Will try to get permission from DDA to increase the height of expandable flats upto 15 mtrs heights.
  17. Electricity supply to Guard Room and Temples.
  18. Fence wire from Flat No. 20 to 4 and Guard Room to Temple.
  19. Making seating arrangement for Office bearer to hear the complaints and solution.
  20. Focus on clearance of the society and many more works from time to time.

 Being easy approachable for the residents of the society, we are committed to transparency, accountability, efficiency and honesty. All the previous RWAs has done good things for the society in their way and now its time to have some more good things in a more better way.

Your contribution can help achieve a solution. Give your share to show you care.

Noted: Only paid active member complaints and suggestions will be heard by the Association.

Thanks and regards